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Many of you know me as a current member of Charlottesville City School Board, and immediate past Chair, positions I’ve been honored to hold.

You may also know something about the initiatives to which I’ve been committed, and the outcomes the schools have achieved during my time on the board, including:

  • dramatic improvement in high school graduation rates. At nearly 90 percent, Charlottesville’s high school graduation rate—a record that I am incredibly proud to have helped achieve
  • implementation of an afterschool program for first through fifth grade students, aimed at cultivating outstanding foundational reading skills
  • renovation of the Buford and CHS science labs, which has resulted in the addition of high-value new courses in advanced manufacturing
  • expansion of critically important preschool programs for city children

A longtime resident of Charlottesville, I grew up on a dairy farm outside of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the sixth of eight siblings. As a first generation college student, I worked my way through college and graduate school, at times holding as many as three jobs. I’ve done everything from waitressing, pizza delivery, to canning fish in Alaska. With an undergraduate degree in Geology, from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, I worked as a lab tech for Great Lakes Research Facility before entering the Peace Corps. I completed my M.A. in Science Education from Columbia University-Teachers College, at the end of my Peace Corps tour. I’ve taught in private and public schools throughout the U.S., and as a Peace Corps volunteer, I also spent two years teaching in an impoverished school in Jamaica. I’ve helped my husband run his Charlottesville-based real estate business, and I am the mother of three wonderful children.

My life has taught me just how much a motivated individual is capable of achieving—provided that that individual is empowered by the resources of a strong, positive, and caring community.

Our children are capable of achieving anything—but we must provide them with an outstanding education.

Our citizens are capable of creating the technologies and innovations that will help shape a better tomorrow—but we must provide with them the opportunities and training to do so.

Most important of all, our families are eager to thrive—but we must provide them with a clean environment, affordable housing, decent wages, and high-quality childcare that will allow them to be their best.

One of Charlottesville’s greatest strengths is the diversity of its population. I believe that every conversation, and every decision, is enriched by the inclusion of different points of view. As a member of the Charlottesville City Council, I hope to combine the wisdom of my experience with the wisdom of yours.

Working together, we can achieve so much for so many.

Let’s get started!

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November 7th